Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Carpenters - A KIND OF HUSH

The Carpenters - A KIND OF HUSH
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#94 in my RECORD COLLECTION series

My discovery of music and Karen Carpenter were simultaneous; She embodies the Spirit of Music for me.
My first memory: I'm on the floor in my parents bedroom, sunlight streaming in. I can't walk yet.
I hear the most amazing sound come from my mom's woodgrain bedside clock radio. When I'm older, I'll identify this sound as the slide guitar from TOP OF THE WORLD.
Then I hear The Voice. I climb the sheets, frantically pulling myself up off the floor & onto the bed. i HAVE TO SEE THIS VOICE.
The Voice is coming out of this plastic box with numbers on it. Frustration. Confusion. I must see this voice. I must possess this voice. I must make this voice sing for me. I must make this voice love me.
Thus begins a lifetime of searching for the perfect sounds.

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