Friday, July 23, 2010


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#96 in my RECORD COLLECTION series

Dedicated to Michael Economy and The Ocean.

We all know what Deee-Lite's massive hit is, but my favorite of their songs is THANK YOU EVERYDAY!
It gets deeper and more meaningful every day, as I have more to be thankful for each day!

I remember dancing to this song as I painted the murals in INTERPLANET JANET, back in Asheville NC, the thought of even *visiting* NYC a far-fetched daydream. Now I've made the NYC game last for 13 years, and i am SO THANKFUL for that!

It was Michael Economy's art for Deee-Lite that made me think there might be a place here for me.
Its not so much that he was an influence on my art as a validation; I recognized his vocabulary. And I loved what he was sayin'!

Back then, I truly believed that we could save the world by dancing. I still do. In the same way that meditation can make a difference...and for me, dancing is total meditation!

THANK YOU EVERYDAY (The Spirit Mix Pts 1 & 2) is a song that could heal the world! Just the back-up vocals alone are a force to be reckoned with; they sound like pink military tanks, shooting sexy daisies, as they roll over & demolish hate, hunger, pain & ignorance!
& then the drums kick in and.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!
Its transcendental; it really *DOES* take you HIGHER!!!

Let's send all of our most grooviest thoughts & vibes to The Ocean. SHE wants that healing, and we're so way past due to express our thanks and gratitude.

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