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#111 in my RECORD COLLECTION series.
Dedicated to Unkle Ken Russell, Lisi Tribble, & Paul Darling.

For me, BIOPHILIA is about our place in the multiverse. Not just humans, but all living things & their interdependence, and that by being here, we're obligated to do what we can to make it better for each other. We're all LightBearers.
The song COSMONOGY reminds me of the final scene in KEN RUSSELL's film, ISADORA DUNCAN, THE BIGGEST DANCER IN THE WORLD: a hillside full of all the world's children, running through the meadow to Beethoven's ODE TO JOY in a state of glorious ecstasy.
I think of Isadora Duncan and her drive to teach dance as a means of artistic expression, not as entertainment, not for commercial purposes, but the spiritual & healing aspects of movement... and how that's echoed in Björk's BIOPHILIA education program, tracing the lines connecting Music & Science (like my dream where I learned that Art & Medicine were the same thing).
"MY DREAM OF BEAUTY WILL NEVER DIE!!!", Isadora declared. I feel the same way.
Maybe teaching is how I can spread The Light. Sure, my art will live after I'm gone, but its only a material thing. It would be so much more gratifying if I helped other people realize their own dreams of beauty.

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