Monday, February 4, 2013


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#117 in my RECORD COLLECTION series.
For Frantzie Bazile and Michael Patterson.

Listening to Womack & Womack makes me wanna make babies.
Not in the sexy way... well, yeah, maybe, if you think of "sexy" as stability, building a strong, loving foundation & family. Which, to me, IS appealing.
They stir up feelings of wanting to be a Parent, or just the desire to pass on what I've learned. To be PART of a Tribe.
A Family of My Own.
CONSCIENCE OF MY CONSCIENCE is my favorite song, and it reminds me of one the greatest things I've learned from intenSati: the ability to step back, & observe my thoughts. We all know the line, "You are The Thinker, Not The Thought", but intenSati gives you the physical demonstration of it, and the tools to do it.

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