Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hey ya'll

hey ya'll.
I'm gonna kick off this blog with my RECORD COLLECTION series.
I hope you'll chime in with your own stories, thoughts & memories, wherever the inspiration takes you.
I'll add other projects as I go along.



I knew that I wanted to do a series; something where each piece would lead into the next.
I had a fire under me, I didn’t want to sit around “waiting” for inspiration! These images have been stewin’ in my brainpan for almost 40 years!

And I knew that it had to be a spiritual series. Both because I had to *MEAN* what I was saying and because I wanted the act *itself* to be a spiritual practice.
In a way, I was designing my own Tarot.
But it couldn’t be a belief system that I’d only *read* about; it had to be something that had REALLY HAPPENED TO ME.

That brought me to the oracle powers of the ITunes™.
The Multiverse has messages for you and one of her vehicles is the shuffle function.
The Mutliversal DJ may not be playing what you *want* to hear, but She’s spinnin’ what you *NEED* to hear!

And I realized: MUSIC.
Music has really happened to me.
I don’t just *believe* in Music; I *KNOW* its real.
Music has *changed* my life.
I would be nowhere if I hadn’t followed the tangents and adventures that Music has sent me on.

Music is so important and powerful for me, I realized if I began a series of all the records that have changed my life, I would have a project that would last me the rest of my days!

I am sharing the first fifty with you now!

I am so grateful to all these artists for the inspiration & stretching my imagination, in Life
as well as Art!

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