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#35 in my RECORD COLLECTION series
Dedicated to Bob & all my friends who crave a green bubble

Bob is my Dad.
Yeah, he's my stepdad, but he's been so much more of areal-life force & influence in life than the biological guy.
Bob is the one who taught us at any early age that Religion & Politics are all a big scam, The American Dream is a joke built on lies, & that animals are better than people.

My humor, questioning nature, generosity & fierce loyalty all come from Bob.

One of the things that was such a blessing all through growing up was Bob's record collection.
Crazy stuff from the 40s -early favorite was Martin Denny's QUIET VILLAGE.
I would stare at the cover for hours, making up stories to go with the image, wondering what kind of animals were in her jungle...& what would i find inside that hut?

Not to mention drifitng & dreaming to Martin Denny's music...which was taking me on psychedelic trips looooong before i even knew what drugs or meditation were.

I am so grateful for the head start Bob gave us in life, teaching us to question authority, read more, learn more, & ABOVE ALL, BE KIND TO ANIMALS.

Bob didn't raise no zombies!

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