Thursday, December 31, 2009


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#75 in my RECORD COLLECTION series
Dedicated to Myself

Björk's music always gives me the momentum to propel myself into the next chapter of life & adventure.

POST carried me from Asheville to SF; HOMOGENIC took me from SF to NYC for the first time.
When MEDÚLLA was released, I was living underground in The Hobbit Hole.
I'd convinced myself that I *wanted* to be there, but in reality, I was hiding from life & the world.
These songs, especially WHO IS IT, helped me get my courage and focus together to come back to NYC.
And we've had a pretty good run, this second time around, haven't we, NYC?

A theme of MEDÚLLA is birth, its joys & pains.
Let's hope that the pains of 2009 birth into some joy in 2010!

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