Thursday, May 13, 2010

Betty Boo - GRRR!

Betty Boo - GRRR!
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#89 in my RECORD COLLECTION series

The first time I heard Betty Boo on the radio, I went off about how this was the end of music, music could not possibly be more terrible, it was over, finished, the end.

That night, I had some sort of seizure, rocking back and forth, chanting the only words i remembered: "Betty Boo....Betty Boo just doin' the do...Betty Boo..."

At the time, I was so serious about everything that I was blind to Betty Boo's perfect pop craft and how her use of sampling was an archaeology expedition of music history.

But I understood it by the second album, GRRR!

I had relaxed my inner fascist enough to just have fun and dance, and there was enough going on in the music to keep my mind engaged!

Plus, there's Betty's persona; confident, on-the-go, warm, playful sexuality, independent, smart, in control yet vulnerable.

I realized that those were qualities that I wanted to foster in myself, as opposed to some of the mopers I was listening to at the time.

Of course NOW i understand that i can love & learn from ALL KINDS of music!

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