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Eurythmics - SAVAGE

Eurythmics - SAVAGE
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I remember the first time I heard Eurythmics. It was the 8th grade class trip to Raleigh. LOVE IS A STRANGER came on the radio & i think i did a SCOOBY-DOO like double-take. At that point, I'd never been interested in what my peers where listening to; my parents record collection was vast enough.
But here was music that was clearly adult, obvioulsy erotic and best of all, proudly outsider!
And somehow it had made it onto a bus from Scott's Creek Elementary!

I took some time away from Eurythmics when they went all stadium rock. That wasn't what spoke to me. I wanted the challenge, the mini movies that gave you the space to imagine all kinds of scenarios.

Which is why I was so thrilled with the SAVAGE album! Annie & Dave seemed to be doing exactly what they wanted with this album, tearing down the walls and going back to electronics and DRAMA!
I avoid it in life, but I sure do love it in my music!!!!

SAVAGE works as a DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE/ FAME IS EMPTY BULLSHIT song cycle...that you can dance to!

Each song was a step deeper into an ordinary woman's breakdown; drama ping-ponging between your headphones and culminating in her finding the strength to start anew.

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