Monday, May 3, 2010

Nicolette - NOW IS EARLY

Nicolette - NOW IS EARLY
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#86 in my RECORD COLLECTION series
dedicated to Brooke

When I lived in SF, I really only made one friend (not counting the people I was friends with before i got there), a woman named Brooke.
Even though she looked like a tiny little girl, she was a veteran of dance culture.
She had crates & crates, and I learned a lot from her.
I've always had a difficult time making friends.
Maybe Im too earnest, or backwards... or maybe I'm really just a snob.
Whatever reason, I could relate to her as my people; someone with intention & integrity, who was really living life and really THINKING about music.
One of the records she played for me was Nicolette's WICKED MATHEMATICS.
The bright, hopeful tone, jump-rope rhythm and gleeful cinder-block-thrown-down-metal-stairs beat called out to me!
Nicolette's music has a positivity, humanity & humor that shines through, good advice, & you can dance yourself into a trance with it!

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